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WordPress factors to avoid security problems

WordPress factors to avoid security problems

If you are the owner of your website, surely you have been afraid more than once for the security of all your information and in this vast ocean that the Internet comprises, we are daily exposed to many thefts, therefore, security is one of the things you should take more seriously when managing a website.

Managing your website through the WordPress platform can benefit you in a certain way, thanks to the fact that it is a secure site in which thousands of people have placed their trust, however, it never hurts to know a little more about the security of your website in WordPress.

WordPress factors to avoid security problems

When you have a blog, it would be best to take these WordPress security recommendations to avoid possible theft, hacking, etc.

  1. Choose your web provider very well: when it comes to having a WordPress blog, one of the most essential things is to choose a good web provider. Although this does not depend on you, what you can do to prevent problems is to reinforce security measures with a proxy, many of these are free, as well as paid, and offer you the greatest security and various optimization options for better performance. your blog.

  2. Backups: one of the most important factors you can take into account to avoid future security problems with your website is to constantly make backup copies of your most important files, as well as the database.

  3. WordPress security: in order to optimize WordPress security to the maximum, it is essential that you take into account each of the basic security measures that WordPress offers you, which are the ones that we will mention below in this article.

What are the WordPress security measures you should follow?

Taking into account all the recommendations to avoid future WordPress security problems is essential. Therefore, I recommend that you follow each of these instructions to prevent, reading this article is one of the first measures that you are already ensuring.

  • Have a strong password: one of the WordPress security recommendations that WordPress requires when entering the blog is to create a strong password that is not easy to figure out. That is, WordPress forces you to have a password that is around eight characters, with letters, symbols and numbers. One of the most specific functions of WordPress is to recommend a plugin called Enforce Strong Password in which it helps you create a strong password.

  • Do not use “Admin”: one of the WordPress security regulations is to avoid creating a user under the pseudonym “admin”, which in itself is what WordPress grants. If an intruder wants to forcefully enter your blog, they will create unauthorized access and will try “Admin” as the first instance, nor is it recommended to use the domain name of the page.

  • Don’t allow spam: a constant flow of unwanted comments on your blog can allow viruses and other hacking programs to easily enter your website. To do this, you can download a plugin that eliminates spam, called Akismet. If you want to have a certain number of registered users on your blog, it is best to install a plugin.

  • Always update the plugins and software: if there is something that WordPress security has, it is that they fix any security problem no matter how small it may be, therefore, it is best to keep the latest versions of the plugins, themes and plugins up to date. of the application software.

  • Avoid installing too many plugins: one of the WordPress security recommendations focuses strictly on the fact that each plugin you download on your blog there is a small possibility that it will present problems, therefore, I recommend that before doing so, test the plugin on another blog or Be guided by the recommendations of other trusted users. However, the best thing you can do is simply install those plugins necessary for your website.

These measures are essential to avoid security problems in WordPress, therefore, it is essential that you follow them to the letter, it is best that you are aware of all the updates so that you do not miss any and put others at risk. your blog.

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