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Best live chat plugins for wordpress in 2021

Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress 2021

One of the best ways to stay connected with your customers is to find an effective communication method to be present every time they have a question. This is why there are live chat plugins that keep you up to date with all your clients’ demands at all times and even anywhere and from any device.

Having a WordPress chat plugin is that communication experience that customers look for on all websites, as it helps your business grow and also increases customer trustworthiness towards you and your page. That is why, if you want to increase communication with your audience, you should know which are the best live chat plugins for WordPress in 2021.

What are the best live chat plugins for wordpress?

Having direct communication with your customers is an advantage that only a live chat plugin can undoubtedly give you, since not only will you be able to contact your customers quickly, but you can generate many more sales and conversions by solving general customer problems. customers immediately. Therefore, the following live chat plugins can be very efficient:

  • Live chat: This is both an efficient and easy-to-use alternative for customers, as it is represented as a message box that appears at the bottom of the website where the customer can communicate with just one click. Likewise, it has the option for the user to rate the chat service, which works to improve the messaging experience.

One of the best features of this live chat plugin is that the customer can contact the owner directly, without needing to wait for someone to contact you. In addition, it offers all the history that contains previous chats.

  • Olark: We could say that this is one of the best live chat platforms you can have on your website, the only problem is that it is installed through a widget and not through a plugin. However, to be able to integrate it into the site you want on your website, you only need a simple code that it provides and that’s it.

This live chat allows you to observe the follow-up of questions and answers to evaluate how efficient the owner’s response is. Likewise, it allows you to configure it very easily, since you can hide the chat, configure it to send messages automatically, etc. Likewise, this live chat shares detailed information about the client’s recent activities on their website.

  • Zendesk Chat – This live chat is one of the most popular wordpress plugin. This is because, despite its efficiency, it is very easy to install, in fact, you can find this WordPress chat plugin for free, through the official website you can easily purchase it.

This plugin offers you the ease of installing an application available on both Android and iPhone. This type of live chat is essential for those pages that are not that large, since the chats are unlimited, but restricted.

  • WordPress Live chat plugin: if you are looking for a good plugin that adapts to any budget, this is the option you were looking for. This live chat plugin has a one-time fee for the low cost of $75.

WordPress Live chat plugin gives you the option for chats to be managed directly through the WordPress dashboard, includes a custom chat box and in case the website operators are offline, it allows you the option to override the chat method. contact so that the user can leave an email with their concern.

  • Pure chat: one of the most striking features of this live chat is the customization capacity that can be handled directly by the user, since it can be configured through an extensive palette of colors, animations and images that the client himself can customize.

Regarding its capabilities, this live chat offers a numerous number of analytical management functions for various chats and gives the user the option of being able to communicate even if the site is offline, through a MailChip mailing list.

These plugins for live chats are the best option to keep the page in communication with users at all times, and since they are all from 2021, they are updated with the most advanced versions, which provides better functionality in their use.

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