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How to speed up loading speed in WordPress?

How to Maintain Loading Speed ​​in WordPress?

There are countless reasons why the loading speed of your website must be the best, first because the experience of users who visit your page must be as comfortable as possible, as well as it can help you improve the positioning of your website. , since Google takes this issue very seriously. Thanks to this you will notice that it is extremely necessary to improve WordPress loading speed.

To provide your consumers with the best possible online experience, there are certain techniques that you can carry out to increase the loading speed of your website that we cannot fail to tell you about in this article.

How to speed up loading speed in WordPress?

Generally the loading speed of a web page should be fast, however, with all the installations of plugins and other things that add many functionalities, they add weight to the page. It is important that you know that there is no specific method to increase the loading speed of WordPress, however, you can perform various tasks that will improve the optimization of the website.

Now, to improve WordPress loading time, it would be best to take these measures into account:

  1. Choosing a good hosting is essential: choosing a good hosting server is essential both for optimizing page loading and for its security. Therefore, it is extremely important that you focus on getting a provider that is dedicated to boosting WordPress. Likewise, good hosting will give you the necessary tools so that you can keep track of your website and have the support you need if a problem occurs.
  2. Choose a fast template: today there are numerous alternatives to improve WordPress loading speed with the right template. Specifically in WordPress, there are many good quality and free templates. It is best that you opt for a theme that meets all the design parameters of your website, that has constant updates and that are fluid, so that they can easily adapt to any web page.
  3. Only use the plugins you need: plugins are usually very necessary when required, the issue is that they can be like those unnecessary applications that we download on our cell phones, they are only there to fill space. Therefore, in order not to slow down WordPress loading speed, it is advisable to simply download those plugins you need, such as catching, backup, optimization, etc.
  4. Optimize and adjust the size of the images: regardless of whether you have good hosting, if you have very heavy, high-quality images on your website, the loading speed will be very slow, since the weight of each element is added. . Therefore, what you should do is upload the images at the maximum size of the website and not the size of the photo. Likewise, use a tool like Adobe Photoshop and save the images with the “for web” option.
  5. Optimize your database: all the information we store on a website is positioned in the database, classified by rows, columns and cells. Just as it accumulates important content, it also stores unnecessary waste that, if not optimized, will prevent WordPress loading speed from improving. Therefore, the best thing would be to optimize the database from the tools that hosting providers provide you automatically and quickly.
  6. Use the WP super cache: one of the best alternatives to accelerate the loading speed of WordPress is by caching the static contents of your website, so that it is not necessary to order your website server. This WP super cache plugin offers you to cache content easily and quickly.
  7. Keep WordPress updated: one of the ways to improve WordPress loading time is if you keep WordPress updated, so that the open source software is always constantly updated and usually brings improvements in the performance of your page, both in terms of optimization and of protection.

A website that is quick to navigate is a very positive point in your favor, therefore, it is important that you put a little effort into it and take into account all these measures so that the users who visit your blog fall in love and you can enhance your sales.

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